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Grafmarine are developing an integrated solar energy creation and, electrical storage system for any flat surface to create and store energy in one small tile.

Zero Emissions by 2050

Our Solution

Future-Proof Technology

As the marine sector edges towards zero emissions, Grafmarine’s energy deck will challenge the reliance on heavy marine fuels in propulsion, port power by providing an alternative source of renewable energy.

Grafmarine’s Nanodeck can be fitted to any vessel or structure and turn it into an energy generating surface and, because it's modular, it can be adapted to fit specific shapes and cover limitless areas.

We have an integrated energy system that is future updatable, providing an ever increasing level of a ship’s energy requirement. This system will last as long as a ships life cycle and can be re-deployed for further second life use. 


Modular Energy
Deck System

We are looking for partners to help us develop this product for the marine sector.

Do you have a renewable marine energy requirement to meet Zero emission targets? We can work with you to look at how best to use our flexible technology to provide perhaps one of the most advanced energy solutions available.