About Us

As the marine sector edges towards zero emissions, Grafmarine’s energy deck will challenge the reliance on heavy marine fuels in propulsion, as well as port power by providing an alternative source of renewable energy. Grafmarine’s Nanodeck can be fitted to any vessel or structure and turn it into an energy generating surface and, because its modular, it can be adapted to fit specific shapes and cover limitless areas.

We have an integrated energy system that is future updatable, providing an ever increasing level of a ship’s energy requirement. This system will last as long as a ships life cycle and can be re-deployed for further second life use. We have a technology roadmap to deliver technology updates into the future, using new materials, processes and technology to provide ever increasing levels of energy.

We are close to profiling our first commercial product and to producing prototypes that can now be tested in a marine environment. We have developed our own unique composites with industry-leading properties. We have been awarded Innovate UK funding as well as working with 5 UK Catapult Centres as well as a number of commercial partners.

We have developed a unique energy management system using the latest technologies and now, we need to take the final steps towards industry accreditation with live ‘on-vessel’ testing and then on to commercialisation in 2021.

Peak energy production is reasonable, at 10% of propulsion power. It may be sufficient to run the hotel load if the sun is shining!

Case Study

We have a digital case study based upon an existing tanker which indicates what outputs we can achieve. This is based upon live data from our prototype with existing ship build data.

We aim to treble the energy storage capacity the next two years and, reduce overall size with further lightweighting. As we continue to develop further energy storage technology and improve PV technology the tiles will only improve.